Contract Management


Binder One’s Online Contract Manager (OCM) is a web based application developed by healthcare professionals to solve your organization’s contract management issues. OCM creates a central repository of contracts, giving organizations greater control over all contracts and making it clear who is responsible for what and when. OCM provides all the features you need to help manage your contracts effectively and enable productive decision-making. Contact us for demo.


Now you can quickly access and view all your managed care contracts (including fee schedules and DOFRs) online. You can either view the entire actual documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) and/or view a modeled summary outlining the key payment terms of the contract. Our expert contract analysts will translate, then transform all your contracts (even the most complex) into an intuitively easy to read summary format. Furthermore, our ‘Quick Search’ feature allows you to quickly price claims simply by entering a few billing codes from a UB-04 or HCFA 1500. Instantly determine how a claim should be contractually paid for each managed care patient. Easily and accurately calculate ‘Stoploss’ (1st & 2nd dollar, Blue Cross-CA, etc.) reimbursement with our online calculators. Eliminate the communication breakdowns between the Contracting, Patient Accounting, and other departments. Contact us for demo.